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    Joe Gorga Praises Teresa Giudice Engagement to Luis Ruelas: It’s Meant to Be!

    Huge news in the world of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

    Teresa Giudice is engaged to Luis Ruelas. It’s really happening.

    Whether that’s good news or bad news really depends up on whom you ask.

    Teresa’s protective brother, Joe Gorga, is weighing in.

    This week, in the aftermath of the big news about Teresa and Luis, Joe Gorga spoke to Us Weekly.

    On Thursday, October 21, he admitted that he actually cried when he first heard.

    “I’m so excited,” Joe gushed. “I’m so happy for her.”

    “[Luis] came in like what she needed,” Joe praised his apparent future brother-in-law.

    “She needed that Superman to come in and take her life and fix it,” he characterized.

    “And,” Joe alleged, “that’s what he’s doing.”

    “I always said she needed a beast of a man,” Joe stated in reflection.

    “And,” he assessed, “he is one of them.”

    So Luis is both Superman and a beast? What … what version of DC Comics has Joe been reading, we wonder.

    Mostly, Joe is delighted that his older sister has found a new man who fills her with joy.

    “He’s living up to everything he’s talking about,” Joe stated.

    “So,” he expressed, “I’m just so happy that they’re in love.”

    While the news of this engagement sent shockwaves through the Housewives fandom this week, it was not a shock to Joe.

    Why? Because Luis told him in advance that he planned to propose.

    And it sounds like his big sister is over the moon.

    “She’s ecstatic. She loves him,” Joe declared.

    “She’s really, really happy,” he shared.

    “She always wanted to be loved, like, really loved,” Joe explained, “and he loves her.”

    Joe received advanced notice, as he stated.

    And he’s not the only Joe in the family who heard the news personally instead of in the headlines.

    His former brother-in-law, Joe Giudice, also heard the awkward but important info from the most trusted of sources.

    “The girls told him,” Joe Gorga said of Joe Giudice, referring to Teresa’s four beautiful daughters.

    “I don’t know if [Teresa] told him,” he admitted.

    Joe added: “I didn’t even ask that question.”

    “Don’t know, don’t care,” Joe continued, reminding everyone of how little respect he has for his former in-law.

    “Probably not,” he added.

    “But,” Joe affirmed, “it’s all good.”

    Joe’s wife, Melissa Gorga, also knew what was coming after Luis gave the couple the heads up.

    “She’s so happy for her,” Joe said of his wife’s feelings regarding his sister’s engagement.

    “Melissa’s a happy person,” he added. “She’s had a great life.”

    “We’re happily in love,” Joe bragged, “and we have a great marriage.”

    He explained: “so Melissa just wants the same [for Teresa].”

    Apparently, Joe and Melissa are of the opinion that Luis is the key to all of that and more for Teresa.

    Right now, Teresa and Luis are still vacationing in Greece.

    When they return home, the Gorgas plan to help them celebrate this news with family.

    “We’ll do something, definitely,” Joe promised.

    “This is big news, this is nice,” Joe expressed.

    “It was meant to be,” he opined.

    Joe concluded: “It’s a beautiful thing and I love it.”

    Of course, not everyone is so happy.

    Many of Teresa’s fans have been paying attention to what Luis’ exes have to say and worry that this will not end well.

    Only time will tell who is right: ample anecdotal evidence provided by Luis’ exes, or Teresa’s … ahem … taste in men. [#item_content ] Read More The Hollywood Gossip

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