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    Kailyn Lowry Poses with Baby Blanket, Slammed for “Desperate” Pregnancy Tease

    Kailyn Lowry may or may not be pregnant with another child*.

    But here’s the thing:

    She is definitely started to piss off Teen Mom fans who think the veteran cast member is continually milking this topic in order to remain relevant.

    (*She’s not.)

    Lowry, of course, is a mother of four young boys, sharing the kids with three different men.

    She’s hinted here and there that she’d be open to a fifth child, although she isn’t involved with anyone at the moment and one would hope she waits to be in a steady relationship before getting knocked up again.

    No judgment or anything.

    It just seems like the responsible thing to do.

    Anyway, though.

    Kailyn posted a picture this week of herself sitting back on a sofa, a brand new blanket covering most of her body.

    As you can see farther above, the blanket has the word “Baby” scrawled all over it, prompting many to think Lowry was teasing yet another pregnancy.

    And the response to this alleged tease has not been positive, as these same social media users are sick and tired of Kailyn exploiting the possibility of a fifth child just to garner attention.

    One Instagram user wrote in annoyance: “You’re always hinting that you’re preggars!”

    Another added: “Another pregnancy announcement?”

    While one fan called Kailyn “desperate,” another wrote: “More DRAMA from @kaillowry.”

    Here’s the truth, though…

    … yes, Kailyn is often all about the drama.

    She just recently outed the impending arrival of another son for her ex-boyfriend, Chris Lopez, who she has labeled as a deadbeat dad on many occasions.

    This time around, though?

    It doesn’t appear as if Lowry is doing anything except marketing herself.

    The blanket in question actually reads, in full, “Baby Mamas No Drama,” which is the name of her podcast with Vee Rivera.

    Alongside this new photo, Kailyn wrote:

    “It’s Tuesday!

    “You know what that means… @babymamasnodramapodcast all new episode & clearly we have new merch.”

    So that’s all that’s going on here.

    Lowry isn’t trying to pretend that she’s pregnant.

    She’s simply advertising for one of her shows.

    We can save our judgment for other times in that case… like when she seemingly misgenders Demi Lovato on purpose. [#item_content ] Read More The Hollywood Gossip

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