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    Khloe Kardashian Ignores Astroworld Tragedy AGAIN, Hit with Major Backlash

    Some scandals go away with time, or turn into awkward jokes.

    Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert saw 10 fatalities, with 8 pronounced dead that night and two more passing away later despite medical intervention.

    That’s not going away any time soon, and the intense blowback is impacting not just Travis, but the extended Kardashian family.

    The latest target is Khloe, who followed up her deafening silence on one tragedy by commenting on another.

    On Friday, November 19, a jury hand-selected (literally) by Kyle Rittenhouse found him not guilty.

    Most Americans are no longer surprised, if they ever were, by disgusting miscarriages of justice overseen by an unfit judge.

    That did not stop people from expressing their horror and disgust on social media — and celebrities were no exception.

    Like the rest of us, Khloe Kardashian was repulsed by Friday’s verdict and the horrific implications, precedent, and message that resulted from the case.

    “Speechless and disgusted!” Khloe tweeted at around midnight.

    She did not have to mention what she was talking about … but, in hindsight, perhaps she should have.

    Essentially everyone on Twitter (who wasn’t just checking for the first time that day after not seeing any news) knew what Khloe meant.

    Some tried to play it off with a laugh, joking about a sports game that they were watching or about Kim boning Pete Davidson.

    That was not exactly in good taste, given the context of Khloe’s tweet, but at least it was not directly malicious.

    Other replies to Khloe contained much less levity: references to the nightmare that unfolded in Houston earlier this month.

    The youngest victim of the Astroworld crowd surge disaster was just a child.

    Ten dead. Dozens injured. Countless more traumatized — or grieving. 

    Those replies addressed Travis Scott’s scandal, the victims, and more.

    But Khloe seemingly has not given it much mind, if any.

    While some of the Kardashians wisely went dark on social media after the November 5 tragedy, Khloe continued to post her usual thirst traps.

    No one thinks that Khloe had anything to do with Astroworld at all, let alone the tragedy that took place.

    The issue was just about how selectively she uses her platform, and how she had so conspicuously ignored one horror only to comment on another.

    That happens sometimes … but it’s odd when the one that she ignores is closely linked to her family.

    As you can imagine, Khloe was also bombared by trolls with randomized Twitter handles who were salivating with glee at the Rittenhouse verdict.

    Those who align themselves with white supremacy find the narrative of a young white guy gunning down protesters with an assault rifle to be a fantasy made real.

    What the rest of us find chilling and injust is exactly what gives them cause for celebration, and they’re always eager to declare their malice.

    There may have been some of that among the “gotcha” responses to Khloe that brought up Astroworld.

    Others were genuinely distressed the Khloe hasn’t expressed her heartbreak for the victims.

    No matter what ultimately caused the tragedy, there are many victims who deserve justice.

    We should emphasize that we currently have no real idea of what kind of culpability, if any, Travis Scott might have in what took place.

    The investigation into what happened and who is at fault has already lasted weeks and will likely last a lot longer.

    This is particularly true now that so many attorneys are, understandably, involved.

    And the involvement of attorneys may be why the extended Kardashian family is so leery of commenting right now.

    Travis is not the only one who needs to watch his words right now.

    What’s more is that if the Kardashians begin commenting, they could end up getting dragged into what could easily become a legal circus. [#item_content ] Read More The Hollywood Gossip

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