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    Tori Spelling and Snooki Spill on Messiest New Year’s Eves Ever & Being In on the Joke (Exclusive)

    Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Tori Spelling are ending 2021 the messiest way possible: with the return of their MTV series, “Messyness.”
    Hosted by the “Jersey Shore” star and featuring a panel made up up Spelling, Olympic medalist Adam Rippon and comedian Teddy Ray, the show celebrates the art of being a straight up mess on camera as the gang watches some of the most embarrassing viral videos on the Internet.
    The show is kicking off a week-long special starting Monday, December 27, with new episodes each day straight through New Year’s Eve. With the series returning for more of Season 1 in 2022 and a second season already green-lit, Snooki and Tori sat down with TooFab to revisit some of their own messy moments and bad fashion, while revealing how they’re able to not only “own” their past — but profit off it too!
    For you two, what were your expectations of each other before the show and how did that change after working together, going into a second season?
    Nicole: Honestly, I was nervous to meet Tori because she’s like an icon. I’m like, ‘is she gonna be stuck up? Is she gonna be mean? I’m nervous.’ And then when I met her she was the total opposite. So chill, down to earth. So I was very happy and I feel like me and Tori are like besties now.
    Tori: Same. I was a big fan of Nicole’s and I was like, I don’t know, it’s like a new playground. You’re coming in with new kids. Sometimes girls can be hard and I just had no idea. I was like, I hope she likes me. And then it was just instantaneous, like, oh duh, yeah, this makes sense for life.
    Now that things are starting to go back to normal, are you looking forward to hanging out together in the real world? I know you’ve done a night or two at The Abbey, but that’s about it.
    Nicole: I feel like every time I come out and film the show — because I live in Jersey — so every time I film the show in California, me and Tori always make sure to go to dinner or try and do stuff together after the shoot, because I’m literally only there for three days and I want to hang out with everybody.
    Has it always been easy for you to laugh about some of your messy moments or is that something you developed over time? Was there a turning point maybe where you went, I’m in on it now?
    Tori: I was always in on it. I just knew the public wasn’t always in on it or they were quick to judge things about me that were messy when it wasn’t even messy. So it was hard to be able to say, I can own it now. I owned it myself, but not publicly always because I felt like I was always so judged anyway to begin with. I feel like though this show and especially being friends with Nicole, who is like, ‘Own it!’ She’s so empowering as a friend, I’m like, yeah, why am I not showing this side of me? I like this side of me.
    Nicole: I’ve been messy for six seasons on Jersey and still and I feel like all of us own it and it is what it is and we’re not embarrassed to be ourselves. The show fits me.
    For your kids too seeing some of these past messy moments, has that changed the way you do behave on camera now?
    Nicole: No. I still try to be my authentic self and still want to have a good time. I don’t let my kids watch my show and then if they see clips, I just tell them that I’m an actress and that’s not really me. One day I will have that conversation and be like, Mommy is crazy sometimes and you love me for it.
    Tori: Only my oldest two have seen Messyness. They’re like, ‘Mom you did what?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, everyone has moments in their youth.’ I’m like, ‘Listen, that was so long ago.’
    Nicole, you’ve even been able to capitalize on your messy moments — with merch out now with your arrest photos on it and Messy Mawma wine. How nice has that been, to turn it into a business?
    Nicole: It’s nice that everyone appreciates it and can relate to it because I don’t know what I would do if I was pretending to have my shit together and be classy. That’s just not how it rolls. Everything is just chaotic here. I roll with the punches, literally. So I feel like the fact people appreciate all that stuff, I love that.
    This week-long special is leading up to New Year’s Eve. What are you plans this year and do you have any New Year’s Resolutions for 2022?
    Nicole: New Years, I’m usually in bed by 10 and me and Gianni are like drinking wine in bed like losers. We don’t even stay up for the ball drop anymore. I’m hoping for something a little more festive this year, like I actually stay up til 12 and I enjoy it. But I’m like an old lady now.
    Tori: Yeah, welcome to my world.
    Do you have any messy New Years memories you’d be willing to share with us? I know, Nicole, you once begged to be dropped in the Times Square ball one year.
    Nicole: I didn’t beg, they begged me to do it and I was like, I’m so honored. That was amazing, that was probably one of my messiest because I was kind of claustrophobic getting into the ball. I didn’t know if I was gonna fall, so I’m like, If I’m dying and I fall, I’m drinking, so I just got wasted in that little plastic ball and it was amazing.
    Tori: My messiest New Year’s moment would probably be the reason I don’t really eat clam chowder now. I remember one year, a long time ago, before kids, almost 25 years ago … they served clam chowder, because you know New Year’s Eve they always have a fixed menu. So it was clam chowder and everyone was doing shots of tequila. Those two just didn’t really mix well for me and I didn’t make it up to midnight. Passed out!
    On the first episode of the upcoming week of shows, you talk a little about some of your style regrets and mistakes. Nicole talks about having red hair, you both talk about bad tans. What’s it like to have those regrets captured forever in photo form and them being immortalized online anytime people Google you?
    Nicole: Um, I mean, it’s not great. They’re not like my greatest moments. But looking back now, it’s funny to me because I really thought I was hot in that moment. Looking at it now, I’m like, you are disgusting. So it’s a good laugh.
    Tori: It sucks because everybody has those, ‘You should have seen what I wore out in high school,’ but ours are just documented so people can Google and go, ‘What were you thinking?!’
    Nicole: You’ve been there, shut up!
    Is there a red carpet outfit that does stand out to you, where you go, ‘That’s gotta be one of the worst that I attempted to pull off?’
    Nicole: I can’t pinpoint one, but I thought I was hot, I was feeling myself, so whatever!
    Tori: I was really into daisies and sunflowers in the ’90s, so I wore a daisy dress and I decided to get real daisies and put them all over my hair.
    Nicole: That’s so ’90s though!
    Tori: It might have worked but by the time I got to the red carpet, they were wilted and dying because they were real.
    [Editor’s note: We found these photos of Spelling at the “Batman Forever” premiere back in 1995 — and the daisies don’t look that bad!]
    Lastly, Nicole, we have to ask about your return to Jersey Shore after a bit of a break. How was it to go fully back in and was it drama-free? It never is.
    Nicole: I feel like I never left because I’ve been filming with my roommates for years. The break was much needed but I definitely missed everybody, so coming back I just had a blast. I feel like we all had so much fun. There’s always drama, but it’s not serious because at the end of the day we’re all a family and we get over it. But, yeah, it’s always eventful. Anytime we all get together, something goes wrong and everyone’s dramatic and then we’re fine again. So, it’s a roller coaster.
    Is there something coming up that would also fit well on Messyness?
    Nicole: Yeah, me and Deena definitely had a few meatball moments. Like old school, so I feel like people are going to enjoy that.
    “Messyness” returns for a week-long event starting Monday, December 27th at 9pm, with additional episodes dropping in January following new episodes of “Jersey Shore Family Vacation.” [#item_content ] Read More Full Feed | Toofab.com

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